Service Area-10 Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant

Prudhoe Bay, AK

(Joint Venture with MKB Constructors)


Project Type: New Construction, Modular, Construction and Water/Sewer Work

Owner: North Slope Borough


The Service Area-10 Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed in a joint venture partnership with MKB Constructors and located adjacent to the Owner’s existing and fully operational water and wastewater treatment plant in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.


Initial phases of work included excavation, storage, and removal of potentially contaminated soils as well as the removal of an existing abandoned underground fuel line. It also included miscellaneous demolition, requiring close communication with the Owner and the operator of the existing water and wastewater treatment plant so as not to affect their continued operations.


The primary phase of work comprised of the administration, coordination, and construction of: the foundation subgrade; the structural foundation concrete slab; a steel framed purpose built structure measuring approximately 245 feet by 245 feet and approximately 30 feet tall; peripheral raised utilidors/canopies with kiosks; water supply pipelines and wastewater effluent pipeline; diesel fired standby generator; site grading and improvements; all mechanical, electrical, structural, process, instrumentation and other miscellaneous appurtenances associated with a water and wastewater treatment plant and a heated water plant.  Proper planning and clear communication with the Owner allowed this remote and logistically challenging project to be delivered on schedule even with numerous Owner directed changes.


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