Si View Community Center Remodel

North Bend, WA


Project Type: Civic/Institutional and Fitness/Aquatic Center

Owner: Si View Metro Park District


The remodel of this Nationally Recognized Historic Landmark began in January 2015.  This 1.7 million dollar 11,338 sq. ft. renovation project scope includes the replacement of flooring in the gym and lobby, adding storage and classroom spaces, interior wood paneling restoration, safety improvements, and electrical, plumbing and HVAC upgrades.


This project required the preservation of the original 1938 “Rustic Architecture” Style and only materials that were in use at the time of the building’s construction were approved for maintenance and replacement work.  To help sustain the original design, 75% of all demolition and construction debris was recycled for the restoration of the building. As general contractor, Osborne was responsible for fast-track scheduling and overall construction.


Osborne also self-performed much of the work, including:

• Selective demolition

• Structural repairs and improvements

• Concrete (foundation piers, ADA ramp, sidewalks)

• Carpentry (framing, siding repairs, window installation)

• Finish Carpentry (doors, trim, and installation of over 9,000 sq. ft. of wood wall paneling)


Even though the scope of this project was expanded by over 30%, the substantial completion date was still achieved by the original completion date time line.


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