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Our Story


How it all began

In 1987, George Osborne formed Osborne Construction Company in Alaska, providing contracting services for state and federal agencies. With early successes in remote locations and extreme weather, Osborne gained a reputation for specializing in complex and logistically challenging work. That same year, the company expanded its operations to the Pacific Northwest, focusing on multifamily, tenant improvement, and military building in Washington state. Over the decades, Osborne has built many award-winning projects, some even valued at $250,000,000. Our biggest successes can be credited to our skill working with phased construction and working, thoughtfully, in occupied sites.


Osborne + Storey

In 2015, Osborne + Storey was born. This collaboration between Osborne Construction Company and Storey Construction delivers custom building services for architecturally-significant homes. From design to maintenance, their creative, one-of-a-kind work ensures client satisfaction and residences that define the term “dream house”.


Where we are today

Today, Osborne is an employee-owned general contractor headquartered in Redmond, Washington. We have carefully structured departments for preconstruction, construction, and tenant improvement so that local experts can be deployed for projects both big and small. We bring proactive leadership, quality craftsmanship, and a focus on safety to all of our work. With our diverse project history and amazing staff, Osborne has proven, time and time again, that it has the resources and know-how to tackle complex projects, from design to closeout.


Trust has to be earned.

At Osborne, we know being forthright isn’t always trendy, but it’s how we like to do business. We value open communication and commitment so that our everyday actions match our intentions.


To thrive in the cyclical building industry, you have to be smart.

At Osborne, we are experts at risk management, both for ourselves and our partners. Our in-house general counsel, safety management, and staff development keep us compliant and on the cutting edge of industry trends. We are diversified, serving both the public and private sectors and have financial and bonding capabilities to pursue a wide range of project sizes and types.


Osborne is in the business of collaboration and cooperation.

For any project to be successful, you have to know all the stakeholders and work toward shared goals. For that reason, we partner with the finest owners, developers, architects, and trade partners.