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Our Values

Worker on construction lift at Mt. Baker Station Apartments building
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workers on lift at FIA ARFF


We build the future. In an effort to create a more sustainable world, Osborne seeks partners and projects with green, energy-efficient goals. Osborne has been a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2010 and has built to the following environmental ratings and certifications:


Inspect What You Expect.

When it comes to safety, we plan, train, and communicate for each task, meticulously working on the details. Every inspection and safety walkthrough should be an observation of all the good practices that we collectively created. With preparation and communication, all accidents are avoidable.


Our philosophy is to provide the best possible working conditions and preparedness for all employees and trade partners. To accomplish this, our policy is to prevent any employee, visitor, client, or person working near company facilities or projects from being subjected to health or safety risks.  Our commitment to this philosophy of safety preparedness starts with training. Our staff regularly participates in confined space, silica awareness, OSHA, and CPR trainings.


Our people are equipped to be catalysts of improvement. We value employee-driven monthly safety committee meetings and maintain an “open door” policy in regard to safety, policy, and environmental concerns. All employees are encouraged to contact the general superintendent, general counsel, and/or other executives with questions or concerns regarding safety, no matter how small.

Diversity in Subcontracting

Osborne is committed to fostering diversity and equity in our trade partners as well as our own staff. As a longstanding contractor with public agencies, including the states and federal government, Osborne has demonstrated its ability to meet and exceed S/DBE (Small and Disadvantaged Business Entity) goals. Our approach is adaptable—we work to identify key areas for SMWBE (Small, Minority, and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise) participation, communicate opportunities to the SMWBE community, and assist SMWBE firms to compete for and ultimately perform work.